Friday, 14 May 2010

After Dark Slurls and Hints

01. here we are laying on our favorite place
02. Use a coaster
03. Masters and Mistresses look good in black.
04. Don't let this one block your view!
05. Hint giver at store
06. Hint giver at store
07. Hint giver at store
08. Lesbians love getting rug burn
09. Soft and floral , could that be a martini?
10. mmmmm sit back and enjoy spring...nothing better than a martini under a beautiful tree
11. Hint giver at store
12. Don't need a hint
13. Don't need a hint
14. Hint giver at store
15.Hint giver at store
16. Fire burns, but does it shatter glass?
17. Time to get toasty by the fire
18. You have to love the witching hour, it brings lots of surPRIZES
20. No hint given, request of store owner
21. Shelve your prizes once you're done, it keeps them safe
22. No hint needed
23. after this I will sleep like a log
24. Time to lounge around?
25. Who planted this one here
26. Hit the instore hint giver
27. DOn't put your martini on a pedastal
29. You light up my life
30. Hit the instore hint giver
31. Ruby loves a good rodeo
32. This one is in plane sight
33. Hit the instore hint giver
34. Time for some window shopping
35. Who put that down there?
36. Find it or you may get cross
37. Time to lounge around hunters
38. I don't blog this store
39. Lady in red watches over it, but careful not to fall over the bannister!
40. Everyone loves sunshine!
41. Hit the instore hint giver
42. Wine is a womans best friend
43. Rose are red, violets are blue, I got my martini.... now, where the @#% are You!?
44. Quick... call for help!
45. Whats your tipple?
46. I wonder what old mother Hubbard keeps on her cupboard
48. Hit the hint giver for a clue
49. The cat came back ... the very next day ... and he bought the drinks ...
50. remember to keep warm hunters
51. Time to take a dip
52. Check out the hint instore
54. Time to have a nap, but i prefer rugs, i do get RED rug burn sometimes though
55. Nobility


Before Dark Hunt Slurls and Hints

001 : Hit the instore hint giver for the most current clue
002 : Hit the instore hint giver for the most current clue
003 : Close your drawers and have a cuppa
004 : I love a good pillow fight
005 : Time to surf that web?
006 :
007 : Relax and pop your feet up, hunting is tiring business
008 : I love cards, don't you?
009 : She looks like an angel in white
010 : Hey doll you've been punk'd
011 : Lindy looks lovely in purple.
012 : Beam me up scotty!
013 : It is looming over me!
014 : Careful that hatter is mad!
015 : I love roses swirling
016 : Drop her a NC she may reward you with a cuppa
017 : Hit the instore hint giver for a clue
018 : Remember to put down your cup when you hang up your clothing
019 : I love Cake!
020 : Sit by the window , watch the waves and read a book
021 : sip on some champane , dont get to woozy to grab a cuppa
022 : Gata quarter? I wanna win a pize!
023 : Wow a large remote! I wounder whats holding it up?
024 : Ill light your way..Stay close by!
025 : Where dreamers dream of rowing a boat ,down by the shore..
026 : What a Sweetie! Sweetie! hehe
027 : O.o Pandas love bamboo!
028 : Wow a hole in the wall? Nah its just a poster ;) Old Style!
029 : Yellow mellow!
030 : I always wind up sitting alone, hmm might a well enjoy my view!
031 : Hum havent i dated a Jake before? Prolly left him on the corner!
032 : What a world of flowers! What would it be without a patio?
033 : A chair fit for a King!
034 : A tray of tea..Or a cuppa joe?
035 : (m) Sure is bright outside.. might need a pair of sunglasses ;) (f) Flutter your eyelashs and have a seat perdy lady..
036 : Ur so close.. hidden in sight ;)
037 : Orchids are defing gravity!
038 : Just what i need before i rest my head..
039 : What a way to vote!
040 : Right under your nose..silly!!
041 : Up on the roof top, click, click
042 : Remind me of the story with a hen laying golden eggs?
043 : Nice & Toasty!!
044 : Look Upstairs, not far from the Stairs!
045 : I sit where the speaker gives his lecture.
046 : Ever wounder how they pluck a peacock?
047 : Park on the shelf, don't get red in the face
048 : He is Risen..
049 : Its good to be Zen...
050 : Roses are red .. violets are blue.
051 : Get off my coffee bunny!
052 : Red desire on the wall...
053 : hit the in store hint giver
054 : Time for bed perhaps?
055 : Another Cuppa for the inventory...
056 : I wanna be green ! Like A Pea!!!
057 : Isnt a light buld suposed to be here?
058 : Dont need a sweater, when u have one of theses :)
059 : You might need some garden gloves.. to dig this one out ;)
060 : You'll find this cup of tea beneath a giant crooked tree..
061 : Ever take a bath in a TEACUP?
062 : Search high and low , maybe i glow?
063 : Im not in the form of a Tea cup...:(
064 : Watch out for death .. he might drop his cuppa on you!
065 : ALERT ->My lips are sealed..
066 : Maybe Beck wants a cuppa coffee?
067 : Help yourself to coffee
068 : Lets Lounge around :)
069 : Pink is such a perdy color! So lounge around and enjoy it
070 : Candle light is romantic..
071 : Yoga is a great way to hurt yourself ! HAHAHA
072 : An aurora glows in the dark near the city lights
073 : Your feet must be hurting you, come sit by me and you will see low to the ground is where i sit..
074 : These go around your wrist yes?
075 : Yum a nice chest to put my cuppa on !!
076 : For you.. Something blue..
077 : In a cottage is where youll find me!
078 : Slap an MM Board while u relax..
079 : Step on in ,Im not far
080 : If a bartender were here , hed not be pleased im asking for coffee!